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Binary options are a hot product. Virtually, thousands of people all around the world are delving into them. Trying out their luck. But, let's face it; trading the financial markets is not easy. The learning curve is steep and it can take years to become profitable. If at all. So what to do? Well, you don't do anything other than to sit back, relax and let the trading robots do the work for you.

Cutting the crap and coming straight to the point. Binary options can be traded on automatic mode. This means that you can buy online products known as "robots" and use them to invest in the markets. These robots are basically pre-coded computer algorithms (computer programs) that are fed trading strategies structured on various technical analysis. For example, there can be a trading robot that just trades based on "50 moving averages," while another one could be looking for price breakouts.

The main objective of all trading robots is to remove the middle man from the picture. Humans are prone to errors; which are mostly caused by emotions. If you are losing $100 dollars per minute trading binary options, there is no way you are not going to end up destroying a trade, only to realize a market turn-around thirty minutes down the line.

For day traders, or people looking for quick profits with minimum BS; automatic trading robots offer the best way out. Binary options are inherently risky. And, the one of the best approaches towards reducing one's risk in the markets, while giving a genuine chance to profits is to buy a binary options trading robot software.

Typical retail brokers who sell binary options will also provide trading robots, but it's not a very bad idea to go for independent suppliers of the product. Their incentive is to get you to sign up for their strategies; and if in case you end up signing up through their recommended brokers (which may be required in many cases), they'd be paid a small commission on your trades. So there's a fruitful relationship that all three parties (client, broker, trading robot vendor) try to work on. Everybody gets a piece of the action. You get the profits, while the broker gets the commissions and the robot vendor gets money from the broker + any subscription fee for the robot trading software.

There plenty of binary options robot software vendors on the internet. Many of them sell their services through affiliate networks like ClickBank (mostly applicable in the United States); while others focus on the European, Australian and the Canadian markets. Funnily enough the biggest binary options market is actually located in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) and South East Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia). Other lucrative markets for both trading robot vendors and binary options brokers are Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and China.

Without necessarily moving away from the main topic, let's come back to it and look into the actual vendors of these binary options trading robots. We have scanned dozens of them. And we mean dozens. From providers selling them like candies on affiliate networks to few serious ones that charge up to $500 per month in fees; none of them have out-performed on the overall alpha (profits on investments) than the ones mentioned and recommended below.

Before we go further, just a small heads-up. Most of the reviews you see on Google and YouTube about binary options robots; especially the ones that say "robots scam busted," "complete scam don't buy," or "read this before you buy binary options robots" are complete and utter nonsense. They are written and promoted by actual affiliates of these robot vendors and are "clickbaits."  They lure in clicks from users; start off by mocking the services and then immediately move towards a more amenable tone, conveniently asking you to sign up for their subscriptions using their affiliate links. Don't be bothered by this kind of BS. It's the latest in content marketing, or whatever the kids call them nowadays.


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Binary Option Auto Trading

Rating points: 9/10

Rating stars: 4.5/5

Overall, this binary options trading robot platform is the best in the business. Being their client, one has access to almost all major binary trading brands on the internet.

Binary Option Auto Trading

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Binary Robot 365

Rating points: 8/10

Rating stars: 4/5

It's one the original binary options robots on the internet and has thousands of clients from all over the world. Supports nearly all significant retail brokers. Best Binary Options Robot

Binary Robot 365 - Free Binary Options Robot with up to 90% win-rate! Sign up now and use our free binary option robot for profitable trades!
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Crypto Robot 365

Operated by same programmers who run Binary Robot 365. As the name suggest; it specifically auto trades crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple etc., on behalf of its clients.

Rating points: 6.5/10

Rating stars: 3.25/5

Caution: Users should not put more than $5,000 at any given time with Crypto Robot 365 because the crypto markets are highly volatile and less liquid than the traditional currencies. Any spikes towards the downside can wipe off all previous profits in one go. Therefore, extreme care must be taken while investing money in any kind of crypto asset. Best Crypto Trading Robot

Best Crypto Trading Robot 2018 |
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Rating points: 8/10

Rating stars: 4/5

FXMasterBot receives the same ratings as Binary Robot 365. We recommend users open up an account with both companies in order to spread their capital over multiple locations. Many times even the best trading strategies can fail. To recover from serious losses, one should be savvy enough to distribute his/her risk.

FXMasterBot | Free Forex Trading Software

Get your free FXMasterBot account and discover the lucrative world of forex trading! Try automated trading with top brokers!

Important: Following tips should be followed when opening an account with any of the binary options robot vendors listed on this page. These guidelines can save you from potentially going bankrupt (serious!):

Hopefully, our reviews would have helped you a lot in gaining knowledge about popular binary options robots. You can safely start an account with any of the companies listed on this page. We always tell our visitors to take binary options trading more as an entertainment than a serious means of investing. This way one can protect oneself from large losses and an invalid hope for quick riches.